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Gorilla Building, of Jackson, MS, is a leading insulation and roofing contractor. We carry a full menu of professional grade, eco-friendly polyurethane spray foam insulation and other professional grade roofing products including metal roofing systems. SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) is the best insulation product by every measurable category. Including- an incredible return on your investment, green improvement tax credits, air-tight seal, hypoallergenic, moisture barrier, reduces outside noise, deters mold, long life span, rodent deterrent, eco-friendly, adds structural integrity, to name a few. The benefits are endless! Now couple, the best insulation product with a professional installation crew and you will be sure to not only be pleased with the result but also save money both now and in the future because spray foam roofing and insulation has a much higher R-Value than old fashioned rollout or spray-in fiberglass insulation. 

Professional Products offered By Gorilla Building

Spray Foam Insulation products, Open Cell, Closed Cell and High Density polyurethane Foam.

Spray Foam Roofing Systems (A Seamless Leak Proof Solution)

Industrial Coatings products, spray elastomeric polyurethanes and polyureas

Turn key prefab and rigid frame Metal buildings including dirt, concrete, and of coarse spray foam insulation

Directional boring for utility services, gas, water, power, communications.




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