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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation-

Gorilla Building, of Jackson, MS, is the leading insulation contractor of professional grade, eco-friendly polyurethane spray foam insulation and other professional grade coatings. SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) is the best insulation product by every measurable category.

Some of the benefits include-

  • an incredible return on your investment
  • tax credits for green improvement
  • air-tight seal
  • hypoallergenic
  • dust reduction
  • moisture barrier
  • reduces outside noise
  • deters mold
  • long life span
  • rodent deterrent
  • eco-friendly
  • reduces the burning and emissions of fossil fuels
  • adds structural integrity

-to name a few. However, the benefits could be endless!

Professional Installation-

Now, couple the best insulation product with a professionally trained and insured installation crew and you will be sure to not only be pleased with the result but also save money both now and in the future.


Know much about R-value? According to Insulation | Department of Energy https://energy.gov/energysaver/insulation R-Value is- “An insulating material’s resistance to conductive heat flow is measured or rated in terms of its thermal resistance or R-value. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value depends on the type of insulation, its thickness, and its density.”

In other words, the higher the R-value, the more insulating factor your home or building will have. Our technicians actually spray the envelope of your home, making an air tight seal. This envelope makes your attic or crawlspace nearly the same temperature as the living spaces of your home. Therefore, even your ductwork and conditioned air is traveling through spaces that are already tempered similarly to the inside of your home.

Instant Benefit-

If you currently have fiberglass insulation, you’ll easily be able to recognize the immediate benefit that a foamed envelope will have. Have you ever been into your attic in the middle of summer? Is it too hot to even breathe up there? Yes! So, your air conditioned air is instantly being heated up as it blows through your hot duct work and causing your air compressor and fans to work overtime just to cool off the ducting before it can even begin to cool off the air in your home. The same situation exists for your heating systems in the winter, only in the reverse. Now, you can begin to understand the benefit that spray foam insulation has for enclosing the envelope of your home; because everything under the roof is nearly the same temperature!

Products & Manufacturers-

Gorilla Building only uses specialized materials from professional manufacturers that perform quality control checks on their products. Therefore, you are ensured a quality finished project with the best manufacturer warranties on the market.

Check out some of our manufacturers-

http://premiumspray.com/ http://spf.rhinolinings.com/

Please go to our Spray Foam Roofing page http://www.gorillabuilding.com/sprayfoamroofing/ and watch a very good video produced by another great company, Honeywell. We have sold Honeywell products for 20 years and will proudly stand with there reputations



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